ISU Courses

I teach courses in Curriculum & Educational Technology

  • EDUC 501: Foundations of Educational Technology

    • Technology is radically changing every aspect of our professional and personal lives; and it is changing formal and informal learning from preschool through graduate school and professional continuing education. The purpose of this course is to introduce the theoretical and philosophical foundations of Instructional Technology (IT) , examine implications of theories of technology on society and education, the unintended consequences of technology for teaching and learning, and develop students’ broad conceptions of the reciprocal impact of technology on education and society.
  • EDUC 503: Designing Effective Learning Environments

    • The purpose of this course is to introduce models and theories of instructional design and engage students in the processes of the design of effective learning environments. Students will develop instruction to address real world learning problems using relevant instructional design models.  

  • EDUC 507: Principles and Practices of Distance Learning

    • Technology makes it possible for people to interact and access, create, and critique information from any place at any time. Since students spend nearly 80% of their day outside of school, the majority of their learning occurs away from the classroom. The technology, in many ways, has torn down the walls of the school, and blurred the lines of formal and informal learning. The purpose of this course is to prepare educators to develop and sustain learning environments where their students are physically separated from them. This course will center on the development of flexible and distance learning experiences for learners at all levels.
  • EDUC 454: Emerging Topics in Educational Technologies
    • “The illiterate of the 21st century are not those who cannot read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn”
    • In this course, we will focus on understanding the new literacies demanded by our digital and highly mediated communities. Looking more closely at the participatory nature of new media, we center our attention on message remixing and the recreation of media to give voice to marginalized student groups.
  • EDUC 578: Pedagogy, Equality of Opportunity, and the Education of Blacks in the United States. (PEOEBUS)
    • This course takes a nonlinear, reflective view of the historical, social, economic, political, and legal contexts of the education of African Americans. Students examine educational theories and philosophies, from the traditional to the progressive, to determine their impact upon the education of Black Americans within these various contexts. Particular focus is also given to the thoughts of Black philosophers and their interpretations of historical events that gave meaning to schooling for the African American citizenry. Critical race theory and Black feminist thought, in particular, form a framework for investigating these broad-based, multiple issues of education for African Americans as they are situated in the prevailing dominant views.