Tumsa presents 2014

My current research efforts examine STEM educational development pathways for students of color.

Preparing students, who have histories of social or educational marginalization, to excel in technical fields is an Education Grand Challenge that requires more than effective K-12 math and science education in our public schools.

Preparation for the fastest growing segment of the population is, in part, a complex research issue of instructional development: The research question my work seeks to address is: How do we design and sustain dynamic learning communities, in concert with the schools yet beyond their educational reach, that equip and empower, underrepresented students of color to earn college degrees and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields?

Recent work:

  • Hargrave, C. P., Rollins, A. D., & Romero, D. E. (In press). Flying below the radar: Tapping into cultural assets of high school parents of color. In A. Esmail (Ed.), Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice Handbook for Practicing Educators: Leadership. New York: Rowman & Littlefield.
  • Hargrave, C. P. (2015). Counter space: Analysis of educational structures of an after-school program that fosters black academic success narratives. The Journal of Negro Education, 84(3), 348-361.
  • Dade, K., Tartakov, C., Hargrave, C. P., and Leigh, P. R. (2015). Assessing the impact of racism on black faculty in white academe: A collective case study of African American female faculty. Western Journal of Black Studies, 39(2), 134-146.
  • Gottesman, I., Hargrave, C.P., & Wade, A. (2016). History of Iowa State University Science Bound Monograph.

Current Projects:

  • Impact of a university-based pre-college STEM outreach for students of color: 25-year assessment of Science Bound
  • STEM Identity Development of Students of Color at Predominately White Institutions
  • Examining the effects of an urban teaching internship on pre-service teachers’ perceptions of the academic abilities and aspirations of students of color

Research Interests:

  • Educational technology
  • STEM education development programs for underrepresented students of color
  • Digital equity
  • Educational equity